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RE: building with -m64

At 06:16 PM 3/30/2004, Howard Chu wrote:
>> To get it to ignore .la files in {/usr,}/lib (when linking slapd):
>>         s%/lib%/lib64%
>I didn't need to do this last step on Solaris since the Sun linker already
>chooses the right system lib directories itself. (Also it uses /lib/64; i.e.,
>the 64 bit libraries are always in a subdirectory of the usual 32 bit paths.) 

The problem is purely a libtool one.  Libtool likes to search
for .la files (as that what it uses to determine if the library
is part of the package or not, and if so, whether it should be
link -static or -shared).  The builtin path is /usr/lib /lib.
When it finds one, it replaces the -lfoo with the full path to
the libfoo.a file in the .la.

You likely just didn't have any .la files in /usr/lib /lib...