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RE: building with -m64

At 05:27 PM 3/30/2004, Howard Chu wrote:
>I don't know which "latest" libtool to look at but there are enough problems
>with the current one that I think we should investigate an upgrade.

I'm not sure upgrading to the "latest" libtool will actually fix
much.  I see no evidence that it fixes the .la problem (searching
/lib instead of /lib64).

The main problem with upgrading libtool is that it will require
upgrade configure.in (and openldap.m4) to latest autoconf.  That's
a major chore.

>re: passing -m64 - I recall I used a wrapper shell script for gcc when
>building on Ultrasparc. Getting libtool to do anything sane by itself is just
>... annoying...

I just had to do two things:

To get it to link the shared libraries correctly:
        s%-shared%-m64 -shared%

To get it to ignore .la files in {/usr,}/lib (when linking slapd):

I can easily fix libtool to do this when -m64 is specified.

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>> So, I had to build OpenLDAP on a PPC64 system today.
>> Not too bad.  Aside from CFLAGS=-m64, I had to hack
>> libtool to pass -m64 with -shared when building
>> shared libraries and hack libtool to look in
>> {,/usr}/lib64 instead of {,/usr}/lib for .la files.
>> Now I have to consider whether it best to hack our
>> version of libtool (which should be relatively
>> easy) or attempt to upgrade to the latest libtool
>> (which I know will be a real chore, given autoconf
>> files will also need to be upgraded).
>> Kurt