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RE: commit: ldap/libraries/libldap ppcontrol.c Makefile.in

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> Well, it seems that those controls used by the client
> tools mostly avoid the existing control APIs.  I think
> this is because the existing control API make too
> many assumptions of how they will be used.
> For instance, the create control APIs allocate a
> new LDAPControl instead of using one provided by the
> application.  And the parse control APIs are not
> able to parse a standalone control (you have to
> pass in a list of controls, and that list is then
> searched).  Personally, I don't see what searching
> for the control has to do with parsing.  Seems we
> should have one standalone search routine and N
> parsing routines.

Makes sense to me, it's all pretty unwieldy right now.

> Anyone want to come up with some "template" for
> control APIs?

Not just this second...

I haven't paid much attention to control usage from the client side. I'm a
bit tweaked about how to make new (dynamically loaded) controls easier to use
in slapd. I suppose we could copy the approach that OpenSSL uses; assigning a
small serial number to every OID it knows about, and using this small integer
as an ID/handle for the control everywhere else.

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