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Re: commit: ldap/libraries/libldap ppcontrol.c Makefile.in

Well, it seems that those controls used by the client
tools mostly avoid the existing control APIs.  I think
this is because the existing control API make too
many assumptions of how they will be used.

For instance, the create control APIs allocate a
new LDAPControl instead of using one provided by the
application.  And the parse control APIs are not
able to parse a standalone control (you have to
pass in a list of controls, and that list is then
searched).  Personally, I don't see what searching
for the control has to do with parsing.  Seems we
should have one standalone search routine and N
parsing routines.

Anyone want to come up with some "template" for
control APIs?


At 12:49 PM 3/12/2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>BTW, we likely should chat about a template for control
>handling.  Right now we have a number of different
>style of interfaces used for controls.  It would be
>nice if we could come up with one interface style here.
>At 12:23 PM 3/12/2004, you wrote:
>>Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/ldap/libraries/libldap
>>Modified Files:
>>        Makefile.in  1.68 -> 1.69
>>Added Files:
>>        ppcontrol.c  NONE -> 1.1
>>Log Message:
>>Added PasswordPolicy control
>>CVS Web URLs:
>>  http://www.openldap.org/devel/cvsweb.cgi/libraries/libldap/
>>    http://www.openldap.org/devel/cvsweb.cgi/libraries/libldap/ppcontrol.c
>>    http://www.openldap.org/devel/cvsweb.cgi/libraries/libldap/Makefile.in
>>Changes are generally available on cvs.openldap.org (and CVSweb)
>>within 30 minutes of being committed.