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HEADS-UP: change in some rewrite context semantics

I've committed a change that improves the rewriting of search filters; the
slapd-meta(5) man page has been updated accordingly.

The "searchFilter" rewrite context, at the beginning, used to be applied
to the filter as a string.

Some time ago, the filter rewriting was modified to remap attribute names
and rewrite DN-valued attributes in a more consistent way; to this
purpose, I changed the original behavior of the "searchFilter" context,
which then applied to DN-valued attributes individually, and no longer to
the whole filter.

Now I'm back to the old behavior with improvements: a search filter first
sees its attributes remapped and those that are DN-valued rewritten
according to the new "searchFilterAttrDN" context; then, this intermediate
filter can be further rewritten as a whole according to the "searchFilter"

Another small change is a contradiction between the man page and the code
when rewriting DN-valued attributes during add; for consistency, I chose
to use "addAttrDN" in the code, as it was in the docs.

Finally, I realized that there was no good reason to use '%' as prefix for
actions in rewriting, so I allowed to use '$' for consistency with
submatch  expansion in acl patterns.  The old behavior is preserved, of
course; this is an announcement of the possibility to use a more intuitive
syntax and, unless overlooked drawbacks appear, we could make it the
default (preserving backwards compatibility for a long time, of course).

The above changes apply to back-ldap and to back-meta; I still need to
apply them to the rwm overlay, which is still in progress and should not
be used (except by volunteering developers ;)


Pierangelo Masarati