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Re: Guide CVS broken

The tags you are using don't apply (at least not yet)
to the guide module.

At 04:45 AM 2/22/2004, Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
>I intend to package the Guide for OpenLDAP 2.1 for Debian.
>Unfortunately, the CVS repository seems to be broken:
>roland@euklid:~/debian/openldap/upstream/tmp$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.OpenLDAP.org:/repo/OpenLDAP  co -r OPENLDAP_STABLE guide
>cvs server: warning: cannot open /repo/OpenLDAP/CVSROOT/val-tags read/write: Permission denied
>cvs server: Updating guide
>cvs server: Updating guide/admin
>cvs server: Updating guide/devel
>cvs server: Updating guide/images
>cvs server: Updating guide/release
>I'd appreciate it a lot if someone could fix that.