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Re: OpenLDAP and Cyrus, version question

slapd(8) checks the full version number because of the
nature of changes made between SASL_VERSION_STEPs.
Note that slapd(8) even includes code which is conditional
on SASL_VERSION_STEP.  So, I think, the check is

I note that I put this check in after getting lots of
reports of problems where user said "I'm linking in
the most recent version of Cyrus SASL" when, in fact,
they were linking some old version of Cyrus SASL that
also happened to be on the system.

Maybe once Cyrus SASL API/ABI settles down a bit (e.g.,
we might switch to "any later step okay" check, but for now,
I think it's best to require the same step.


At 09:54 AM 2/22/2004, Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
>Hi all. I'm building OpenLDAP with SASL support nd I want to package everything. I'm working on Digital UNIX 4.0D The main problem I face now is that penLDAP is locket to the exact version of SASL (2.1.17). In the future, I would ike to be able to upgrade SASL, when a revision comes along. I know what to hack n OpenLDAP sources to check only for SASL_MAJOR and ASL_MINOR. Is there a problem with this dea? Is there a particular reason OpenLDAO hould be locked to a particular MAJOR, MINOR, PATCH versions of ASL? Nix.