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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1.22 and "deferring operation" error message

As far as the patch goes, I could see that improving the warning
(it's not really an error) message.  If you'd like your patch
considered, please submit it via the Issue Tracking System.

>slapd[12273]: deferring operation because of conn->c_conn_state == SLAP_C_BINDING
>So it seems that the operations are deferred because the connection is in the process of binding. Any ideas how can this be remedied?

It's not a problem that needs remedying per say.  That is,
it's quite normal for the server to defer the operation
where the client didn't wait for the bind to complete.
Guess you could change the client so that it waits, but we
don't (for simple bind) require that.

>Could anyone with inner knowledge comment on the way OpenLDAP works with respect to this?

Well, the way it suppose to work is the server is to process
the deferred operation later.  If that's not happening, then
you will have to dig to figure out why.  Or, if you for some
reason cannot do that, you should detail as precisely as you
can what is happening, how to reproduce the problem, etc., and
file a report using the issue reporting system.  In the latter
case, this report likely should be separate for your request
to change the warning message.