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Re: OpenLDAP 2.1.22 and "deferring operation" error message

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

slapd[12273]: deferring operation because of conn->c_conn_state == SLAP_C_BINDING

So it seems that the operations are deferred because the connection is in the process of binding. Any ideas how can this be remedied?

It's not a problem that needs remedying per say. That is, it's quite normal for the server to defer the operation where the client didn't wait for the bind to complete. Guess you could change the client so that it waits, but we don't (for simple bind) require that.

The client in my case is the Courier MTA (its 2 daemons, actually: authldap and ldapaliasd).

I've grepped through its source and it only uses synchronous binds
(ldap_simple_bind_s() function).

It calls it  only in 3 places across the whole source code. And it
always does this on new connections - seems there's no connection
sharing between threads/processes.

Am I thinking correctly that those operations should never be deferred
because the synchronous bind always waits for completion?