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HEADS UP: BerkeleyDB 4.2, libldif, etc.

I have just committed to significant changes.  First,
I've committed code to detect and use Berkeley DB 4.2.
For back-bdb, Berkeley DB 4.2 is REQUIRED.  Given
all the problems with DB 4.1, forcing an upgrade for
HEAD and OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_2 makes sense (IMO).
Since we'll being going through a third 2.2 beta,
we should have enough time to shake 2.2 out.

If your not ready for DB 4.2, you can always force
the compat test to true via your environment.

Also, LDIF routines have been moved to -llutil.  -lldif
is dead.  May soon do same to -lavl and -llunicode.