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Re: Search result for null backend

carm4000 writes:
> I'd like to have the null backend return me a search result. 
> This is what I tried :

Well, what happens when you try it?


> 	entry = str2entry("dn: cn=Barbara Jensen,cn=FOOFOO\ncn: Barbara Jensen\ncn: Babs
> Jensen\nobjectClass: person\nsn: Jensen\n");

This is just a detail, but I'd write that on shorter lines:

	entry = str2entry("\
dn: cn=Barbara Jensen,cn=FOOFOO\n\
cn: Barbara Jensen\n\
cn: Babs Jensen\n\
objectClass: person\n\
sn: Jensen\n");

Next, don't crash str2entry() fails - e.g. due to lack of memory:

	if( entry == NULL ) {
		Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, "back-null str2entry() failed\n",
		       0, 0, 0 );
	} else {

> 	refs = get_entry_referrals( be, conn, op, entry );
> 	send_search_reference( be, conn, op, entry, refs, NULL, &v2refs );
> 	ber_bvarray_free( refs );

Why do you try to send references?  I don't see any references in your

> 	sres = send_search_entry( be, conn, op, entry, attrs, attrsonly, NULL );