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Search result for null backend

Hi everybody,

I'd like to have the null backend return me a search result. 

This is what I tried :

int null_back_search(
	BackendDB		*be,
	Connection		*conn,
	Operation		*op,
	struct berval	*base,
	struct berval	*nbase,
	int				scope,
	int				deref,
	int				slimit,
	int				tlimit,
	Filter			*filter,
	struct berval	*filterstr,
	AttributeName	*attrs,
	int				attrsonly )
	Entry			*entry, *res;
	BerVarray		v2refs = NULL, refs;
	int sres;

	entry = str2entry("dn: cn=Barbara Jensen,cn=FOOFOO\ncn: Barbara Jensen\ncn: Babs
Jensen\nobjectClass: person\nsn: Jensen\n");

	refs = get_entry_referrals( be, conn, op, entry );
	send_search_reference( be, conn, op, entry, refs, NULL, &v2refs );
	ber_bvarray_free( refs );

	sres = send_search_entry( be, conn, op, entry, attrs, attrsonly, NULL );
	send_search_result( conn, op, LDAP_SUCCESS, NULL, NULL, v2refs, NULL, 1 );

	return 1;

Thanks in advance for any help,

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