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Re: LCUP gone?

It was an early implementation of a work in progress.  Jong
and I have decided to no longer pursue LCUP as its design
requires the server to maintain significant historical
information.  The code has been removed from HEAD.

You or anyone else is free to pick up where we left off...

Jong and I are instead pursuing what is known as the LDAP
Content Synchronization Operation (or LDAP Sync).  It doesn't
require servers to maintain any historical information (but
allows to take advantage of available historical information).
LDAP Sync is also a work in progress.

Thanks to Jong, HEAD (and 2.2a) includes not only an early
LDAP Sync implementation but a LDAP Sync-based replication


At 03:40 PM 7/1/2003, openldap@schwartz.shutdown.com wrote:
>We've been using LCUP in a beta product that I'm involved with, and since it
>was an alpha build, it's crashing quite often under decent load. I wanted
>to rebuild it with a newer version with hopefully some bug fixes, but it
>seems things have changed, and I can't quite figure out how to get LCUP
>turned on again, and I'm unclear if that's because it's been removed, or
>I'm just missing something.
>I'm assuming it's still only available in the HEAD branch, but as I'm not a
>CVS guru:
>cvs -z3 checkout -rHEAD -P pkg
>If I'm in the wrong place, then let me know :)
>Other than that, I'm lost.
>I see many references to LCUP in the 2.2.0a code, and even in the 2.1.x
>stable code, but don't see any particular place where that can be turned on,
>and haven't seen any messages regarding on the archives, but did notice that
>LDAP_CLIENT_UPDATE was commented out in include/ldap.h going from
>1.185->1.186, and doesn't exist in the HEAD any longer.
>Any help or direction would be greatly apperciated.