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file backend

I've been thinking of making a simple 'file' read-only backend which
will read a file of records into memory, build a cache with one entry
for each record, and let searches go through all the entries and apply
the search filter to each.  Before each search operation, the backend
checks if the file has been updated, and if so rebuilds the cache.

Configuration would be something like

database         file
suffix           ou=contacts,dc=uio,dc=no
filename         /some/file/name
record-separator "\n\n"
field-separator  ":"
# list of attributes, one for each field in a record
attributes       cn sn uid mail labeledURI
# which attribute to make the DN from
dn               uid
# list of object classes for each entry
objectclasses    top person
# add these object classes if the attributes exist in an entry
objectclassForAttrs pilotPerson      mail uid
objectclassForAttrs labeledURIObject labeledURI

Maybe I'll add an option to make it accept files in LDIF format too,
while I'm at it.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Rejections?