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RE: Description of debug-level in slapd(8)

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> Hi *,
> A Debian user asked for a description of debugging options in the
> slapd(8) manpage in http://bugs.debian.org/176980.
> I just tried to update the manpage to contain a list of available
> values and discovered that they are already described in
> slapd.conf(5). Therefore I changed slapd.8 as in the attached
> patch.
> Perhaps you could do something like this to the official sources
> so people stop wondering about the debug-level. In any case the
> refernce to ldap.h is bogus as well as the DEBUG_xxx contants are
> defined in ldap_log.h.
> As a side note: The list in slapd.conf(5) is not complete, the
> description of LDAP_DEBUG_CACHE and LDAP_DEBUG_INDEX is missing.

LDAP_DEBUG_INDEX is completely unused. LDAP_DEBUG_CACHE was completely
unused, but now appears once in back-meta/conn.c. I don't think they were
intended to remain in the codebase.

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