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RE: String conversions UTF8 <-> ISO-8859-1

> The Unix programming paradigm has always been to create small,
> single-purpose tools that can be piped together. Single programs that
> everything" are harder to maintain in the long run, and generally
don't do
> anything very well. This is one of those key concepts about code
> that object-oriented programmers fail to grasp...

Actually, good object-oriented design and implementation has these exact
goals.  OO, in fact, stresses minimal and well-defined scope of
Robust, flexible systems come from a combination of well-defined objects
collaboration (just the same as combining discreet utility 'programs'). 

I agree with the philosophy - but disagree that object-oriented
disciplines or 
practices are in any way at odds with it.  There are always bad OO
just as there are in any paradigm/language.

My $0.02, 
Tom Thomas