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Re: Strange effect with jpegPhoto attribute

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 07:38 AM 3/17/2003, Michael Ströder wrote:

It seems that I have a strange issue with a specific value of a
jpegPhoto attribute and recent REL_ENG_2_1 (available for OpenLDAP
developers upon request). It is not returned in the search result
although slapcat still exports the attribute value.

I still have these problems:

Although I can dump the entry just fine with slapcat LDAP access does not return the attribute values. I'd like to add that it seems that an empty attribute value list is returned for attribute 'jpegPhoto'.

After some more tests the multiple values for jpegPhoto seems to be the problem. I tried to add the two values for 'jpegPhoto' from LDIF file with ldapadd command-line tool. It hangs forever. My own client gets LDAP_SERVER_DOWN during AddRequest.

Adding only either one of the two jpegPhoto values worked just fine. It can be added and retrieved correctly.

Ciao, Michael.