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Re: Strange effect with jpegPhoto attribute

At 07:38 AM 3/17/2003, Michael Ströder wrote:
>It seems that I have a strange issue with a specific value of a jpegPhoto attribute and recent REL_ENG_2_1 (available for OpenLDAP developers upon request). It is not returned in the search result although slapcat still exports the attribute value. This used to work until approx. 2.1.14. Other values of jpegPhoto in the *same* database work just fine.
>I already tried to dump and reimport the whole database. But that didn't help.
>Any clue?

none.   Is the behavior specific to one backend type?

>Also I managed to crash the LDAP connection with a JPEG value a couple of days ago. But I can't provide details about this.

Well, I suggest you figure out how to repeat this and then you
do submit a bug report with appropriate details so others can
repeat it.