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config backend

Just food for thought:

dn: cn=config
cn: config
objectclass: OpenLDAPslapdConfig
objectclass: OpenLDAPslapdAccess
allow: bind_v2
allow: bind_anon_cred
argsfile: slapd.args
concurrency: 1
defaultsearchbase: o=foo
disallow: bind_krbv4
limits: anonymous $ time=1 $ size=20
labeledURI: ldap://localhost $ listen on loopback interface, default port
labeledURI: ldaps:// $ listen on all interfaces, default port (636)
labeledURI: ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fldapi $ listen on /var/run/ldapi
labeledURI: cldap://
loglevel: 256
moduleload: back_ldbm.la
schemadn: cn=Subschema,cn=config
access: dn="cn=foo" attr=userpassword $ by self write $ by * auth

dn: cn=rootdse,cn=config
cn: rootdse
<attributes to add to the rootDSE>

dn: cn=Subschema,cn=config
#include schema/core.schema
#include schema/cosine.schema 

dn: ou=backends,cn=config

dn: cn=bdb,ou=backends,cn=config
<backend-specific options>

dn: ou=databases,cn=config

dn: suffix="dc=example,dc=com",ou=databases,cn=config
objectclass: OpenLDAPslapdDatabase
objectclass: OpenLDAPslapdAccess
suffix: dc=example,dc=com
suffix: o=example.com,c=us
database: bdb
rootdn: dc=example,dc=com
index: objectclass $ eq
index: cn,sn,mail $ eq,sub,approx

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