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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/tools slapcommon.c

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> I suggest that no options always refer to the "same" database
> for all (current and hopefully future) tools.   Instead of
> saying the default is "-n 1", we want to say the default is
> the first backend which is not subordinate and not a monitor
> backend.  I guess I'm fine with that... as long as you think
> no one is ever going to implement slapcat'ing (or other tools)
> for the monitor backend.

This triggered something in my mind. I still have plans for a back-config
that allows runtime read/write of slapd.conf. Reading it would overlap some
of back-monitor's features. It might be interesting to slapcat and slapadd
it. Indeed, we could simply change slapd.conf's language to be LDIF.

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