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RE: CLDAP with IPv6: address storage

>which seem to suggest that there is or could be such a thing as
>CLDAPv3. And the description of the ldapext IETF working group
>mentions "defining transport of the LDAPv3 protocol over
>connectionless UDP transport". There is even an Internet-Draft about
>this (expired since long ago though). Is this project abandoned for
>good or just dormant?

There was a now-expired Internet Draft, draft-ietf-ldapext-cldap-00.txt.

LDAPv3 over UDP is supported by Active Directory (albeit only for
searching the root DSE); likely any revised document should align
itself with this protocol, which is more similar to the original
RFC 1798, and is widely deployed.

(OpenLDAP HEAD slapd supports "Microsoft" CLDAP; it is the default 
disposition for LDAPv3 over UDP. Look for LDAP_CONNECTIONLESS.)

-- Luke

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