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RE: CLDAP with IPv6: address storage

Kurt D. Zeilenga writes:
 > And CLDAP (Connectionless LDAPv2) is soon to be moved to
 > Historic status (along with LDAPv2) by the IETF.  There is
 > no CLDAPv3.

This is a bit confusing; while RFC2251 says:

   "This protocol is designed to run over connection-oriented,
   reliable transports [...]" (5.2)

It also says:

  "If the LDAP session is operating over a connection-oriented
  transport such as TCP [...]" (4.5.2)

  "When used with a connection-oriented transport [...]" (7)

which seem to suggest that there is or could be such a thing as
CLDAPv3. And the description of the ldapext IETF working group
mentions "defining transport of the LDAPv3 protocol over
connectionless UDP transport". There is even an Internet-Draft about
this (expired since long ago though). Is this project abandoned for
good or just dormant?

Thorild Selén
Datorföreningen Update / Update Computer Club, Uppsala, SE