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It sounds like you are asking for compiled libraries, headers, and docs for
particular platforms. The OpenLDAP project does not do this as a matter of
policy, but you can get these from individual and commercial providers. I
know there are some folks that have produced SRPMs for Linux, and Symas
offers supported and packaged binary builds (including SDKs) for various
platforms including HP-UX. Take a look at
http://www.symas.net/download/connexitor/ for further information.

You can always build the OpenLDAP libraries and install them yourself. That
serves as an SDK right there.

Hope this helps...

-Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation

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> Subject: Open LDAP SDK for HP-UX
> It appears that Open LDAP does not have separately bundled LDAP SDK's for
> downloads on web-site. Is there any plan to have this. This helps
> in case of
> migrations and hitting various Directory Servers with same SDK.