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Re: slapd ABIs

>From a design perspective, I would prefer that
>NS-SLAPI be implemented as a layer on top of the module
>interface so that main line code need only to
>make one callout.  However, in reality, this may not
>always be possible.   However, it should always be
>possible to compile slapd (with or without modules)
>without NS-SLAPI.

Agreed, as soon as I have time I'll work on this. The problem
is that the native plugin API is not yet rich enough to support
SLAPI as a layer on top, and I would rather make SLAPI complete
with respect to Sun ONE DS 5.x first (simply because it's more
useful to us right now, and so I can justify the time).

>We should avoid OpenLDAP-specific extensions to
>NS-SLAPI and they are counter to the purpose of
>this ABI.

Understood; OTOH there are one or two small extensions that
have a resasonable chance of being supported by the Sun ONE
SLAPI. They are clearly marked as being extensions.

-- Luke

Luke Howard | PADL Software Pty Ltd | www.padl.com