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Re: Operational attribute plugins

At 01:14 PM 1/20/2003, Luke Howard wrote:

>Another really useful plugin type would be for operational/virtual
>attributes. The Sun ONE 5.x SLAPI has quite a complicated virtual
>attribute API, and I suppose it makes sense to maintain parity 
>with them (being the closest thing to a "standard" for SLAPI) but
>something simpler would be just as good.
>Recall that a search plugin is no use as only one code path can
>call slap_send_search_entry(). I was thinking of defining a new
>type of plugin, and having slap_send_search_entry() call these
>plugins with the to-be-sent entry and allow them to return an
>Entry to be coalesced with the entry returned from the backend.

I suggest they return a list of Attributes to be coalesced.

>(Because the backend owns the entry, I don't think we could have
>a plugin actually modify it.)

And the backend only has a read lock on it....