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setting SLAPI_MODIFY_MODS in slapd

[moving to openldap-devel]

>AFAIK you can; whether it works or not, is another point; I never

I would expect that do_modify() needs to synthesise an LDAPMod ** array
and set it as SLAPI_MODIFY_MODS. This shouldn't be too hard, I can
work on this and commit it today or tomorrow.

Additionally, I think it should unparse this after the preoperation
plugins have been called, because it should be posible for a 
preoperation plugin to push additional modifications onto the
list. I can check with Sun whether this is the standard iPlanet
behaviour but, in any case, it would be useful to us.

(We have a plugin that reads one attribute, and then needs to set
a number of other attributes based on the updated value of the
first attribute.)


-- Luke

Luke Howard | PADL Software Pty Ltd | www.padl.com