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Tools options (Was: Re: commit: ldap/clients/tools ldapsearch.c)

> Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>>> ldapsearch -E subentries=... lacked a break; for case 'E':
>> I'd rather put it at the end of the case; see my commit.
> Good idea, but there are a lot other places to do that, both in
> ldapsearch and other tools.  I guess I'll fix that soon unless
> you beat me to it.

Go ahead: I'm working on SLAPI now.  BTW: I caught that "break"
and I thought I fixed it while patching ldapsearch for
paged results and duplicate entries; the first patch was actually
committed, but the second didn't because of some incompatibilities,
so I presume the fix remained in my uncommitted sources :)

If you wish to fix tools option handling maybe you'll want to
coordinate with Kurt; I think he's planning to do some
rationalization of tools option handling (what about a ldapcommon.c
with all the common options handling, as in slapd's tools?)

Pierangelo Masarati