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Re: Multi-Master Replication

>Yes, that's how Microsoft does it for Active Directory.  There's a

Don't forget Microsoft's floating single master "algorithm" is patented.

>Of course, Microsoft uses a proprietary replication protocol which is
>probably out of place in an open package like OpenLDAP.  The Samba
>guys have made quite a bit of progress reverse-engineering all the AD
>stuff lately though - the samba 3.x alpha releases can now join an
>Active Directory tree and play nice with the other windows boxes (but
>still can't run an AD tree by themselves).

There's a big difference between the following (orders of magnitude):

(a) being an Active Directory client or member server
(b) being a standalone Active Directory domain controller
(c) being an Active Directory domain controller that can replicate to
    other Active Directory servers

-- Luke

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