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Re: Always static link in OpenLDAP 2.1?

At 11:51 PM 2002-11-12, Rainer Clasen wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> At 10:02 PM 2002-11-11, Ganesan R wrote:
>> >This effectively makes all executables static. Is this intentional?
>> Yes. The executables have always statically linked -lldap -llber.
>Just out of curiosity: Is there a special reason to not link them

Yes.  Because library version numbers are incremented at most
once per release (in release branches, never in HEAD), those
who want to test release engineering code installed in a separate
directories from their production code can easily run into dynamic
library versioning problems that could invalid their testing or
worse.  Linking statically ensures those who test before putting
code into production are testing the code they think they are