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RE: ltdl vs. dlfcn & so

Please just use libltdl, that's what it's for - to hide platform
dependencies. Introducing our own set of macros and #ifdef's completely
defeats the purpose.

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> Subject: ltdl vs. dlfcn & so
> While playing with SLAPI, I noticed it directly uses
> dlfcn stuff, e.g. #include <dlfcn.h>, dlopen() and so,
> while slapd/module.c uses ltdl stuff.  I understand
> the latter is far more portable (virtually platform
> independent) and much more versatile, but it requires
> another library to be available; to make things uniform
> we might wrap calls in a SLAP_DL*(), or rather
> LDAP_PVT_DL*() fashion and let configure check for libltdl
> and, in case of failure, for libdl with dl*() api
> (and for any other platform specific replacement).
> I'd prefer to have a uniform loadable stuff approach
> throughout the package (e.g. to put everything in libldap
> with a ldap_pvt_*() interface both for SLAPI and modules.
> Comments, before I start coding?
> Pierangelo.
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