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Re: OpenLDAP Basic Questions


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At 07:59 AM 2002-10-14, Víctor López wrote:
>We need to build an Mediation device(LDAP) that receive commands incoming
>from Provisioning System(Install Access, Modify Access, etc)  and follow
>make several TRANSACTION to external device such as SNMP, Telnet, DHCP, File
>System BEFORE answer to client commands.
>Our Original proposal is based on JMS(Java Message Service) architecture,
>but our Customer require thet we use LDAP V3.0.
>Q1) In this scenarie if we use OpenLDAP to build this Mediation Device
>required, do you know if is possible to add callbacks to OpenLDAP that
>triger only when you modify/add any entry in Directory?
>Q2) I´ll appreciate too if you could show me What is the Impact over data
>managed for LDAP Server when we make changes over LDAP Information & Naming
>¿what happen with old data when we change any objectclass, data type or DIT?
>¿Is possible to migrate this data to new structure?
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