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OpenLDAP Basic Questions


We need to build an Mediation device(LDAP) that receive commands incoming
from Provisioning System(Install Access, Modify Access, etc)  and follow
make several TRANSACTION to external device such as SNMP, Telnet, DHCP, File
System BEFORE answer to client commands.
Our Original proposal is based on JMS(Java Message Service) architecture,
but our Customer require thet we use LDAP V3.0.

Q1) In this scenarie if we use OpenLDAP to build this Mediation Device
required, do you know if is possible to add callbacks to OpenLDAP that
triger only when you modify/add any entry in Directory?

Q2) I´ll appreciate too if you could show me What is the Impact over data
managed for LDAP Server when we make changes over LDAP Information & Naming
¿what happen with old data when we change any objectclass, data type or DIT?
¿Is possible to migrate this data to new structure?

Best regards,
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