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OPENLDAP 2.1.3 AND database ldbm DIRECTIVE

Hello !

I had installed open-ldap 2.1.3 (until
installation I used pervious versions of openldap 2.0.*
with database=ldbm in slapd.conf)

I had tried to work with "database bdb" in slpad.conf this new
version and everything is OK.

But when I try to use "database ldbm" in slpad.conf  ,
after of course remarking the "database bdb" line,
when I start the ldap server (by /usr/sbin/slapd)
I get the follwing error message:

"unrecogmized database(ldbm)"

when I start with debug messeges /usr/sbin/slapd -d 5

I see a message of "bdb_open : initialize BDB backend"

Does anybody can help?


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