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Re: Deprecated ldap_result2error()

This question is more suitably addressed on the software list.
This list is for discussing the development of OpenLDAP,
not the use of OpenLDAP-provided APIs.


At 05:49 AM 2002-08-07, PRETORIUS, Albert wrote:

>I am having difficulty to find the replacement routine for
>ldap_result2error() which is marked as deprecated in ldap.h.
>After doing an async ldap_simple_bind() followed by ldap_result() and
>ldap_parse_result(), I need a way of getting ld_errno from the opaque LDAP
>ld structure.
>The ldap_result2error() does nicely.
>I am using openldap-2.0.23.
>Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
>many thanks
>Albert Pretorius
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