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Re: authoring slapd backend modules

Rozonkiewiecz, Mitchell wrote:


This is definitely possible.  We have written 3 backends for slapd to give us interfaces to data that do not have LDAP access built in.

The best way to start is to take an existing backend and see all the entry points required of a backend.

The problem that you will have is when you go and put this backend on a system that has slapd, you will need to require that slapd be built for dynamic module support (shared libraries)

I believe the default build of slapd builds a single exe with all backends linked in as .a files.  This would not allow you to install your backend without a recompile, or at least a relink of slapd.

Hope this helps.

Mitch R

I have two questions then: does the binary rpm have loadable module support? and is there documentation somewhere, or do I just have to read the source code?

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