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Re: LDAP Client Development

Use of the provided APIs is a topic for the OpenLDAP-Software
mailing list.  Please take the thread there.

This list is reserved for discussions about the development
of OpenLDAP. http://www.openldap.org/lists/

Thanks, Kurt

At 12:47 PM 2002-07-30, Christian Cypert wrote:
>Sorry for such a newbie question, but our company is looking into creating a
>simple LDAP client. I've downloaded the 2.1.3 SDK, but I cannot seem to find
>any information on how to create an LDAP client. Most of what I have found
>is specific to the Server.
>So my two questions are:
>1. Where can I find documentation that would cover creating an LDAP client?
>2. Are there libraries/code (I did find source code, but no documentation to
>go with it) that we can use to incorporate in to our own code that also
>contains documentation on how to use the code?
>Thanks for any help,
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