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create new objectclass in new schema

Hi at all
Before to start I'm sorry for the english
I have installed the openldap 2.1.3 on my linux server.
And now I have to import from version 2.1.2 the db.
I have matched many problem because the objectclass 
organizationalUnit and posixGroup are in conflict.
I have red a Kurt's answer, about a similar problem,
that he suggests to create a new schema.
I have created this text.schema to avoid to insert
Together organizationalUnit and posixGroup in ldif file, 
and so I can insert only a object schema "qmailposix" 
with all attributes that I want.
This schema is not correct: the slapd don't start
I haven't familiarity with the schema and so I need some suggests:

#attributetype ( 
#"NAME" utente
#"DESC" Set of attributes of two schema:core and qmail
#"SUP" organizationalUnit and posixGroup 

objectclass ( X-
	NAME 'qmailposix'
        DESC 'Resolve the conflict:posixGroup and organizationalUnit'
        SUP (organizationalUnit $ posixGroup) STRUCTURAL
	MUST (ou $ cn $ gidNumber)
 	MAY ( userPassword $ memberUid $ description $ 
		searchGuide $ seeAlso $ businessCategory $
                x121Address $ registeredAddress $ destinationIndicator $
                preferredDeliveryMethod $ telexNumber $
teletexTerminalIdentifier $
                telephoneNumber $ internationaliSDNNumber $
                facsimileTelephoneNumber $ street $ postOfficeBox $
postalCode $
                postalAddress $ physicalDeliveryOfficeName $ st $ l $
description ) )

Thank you