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Re: string.h vs strings.h

At 11:44 AM 2002-07-23, Howard Chu wrote:
>Currently in <ac/string.h> we include either <string.h> or <strings.h>
>(there's an
>#if/#elif to select these). I've run into a platform that has both, and I
>need to
>include both to get a full set of declarations for the string functions.
>Does anyone know of any platforms that provide both string.h and strings.h
>where a conflict would be caused by including both?

Such platforms do exist... but I don't recall which...
nor do have any basis for determining whether or not
OpenLDAP is used on such platforms.

The problems usually are slight differences in function
prototypes, etc., which cause compilation warnings
and/or errors.

It might be appropriate to design a configure test to
determine if both are needed.