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Re: structuralObjectClass and slap_mods_opattrs

At 03:25 PM 2002-06-24, Simon Wilkinson wrote:
>At present, the only section of code which seems to create the 
>structuralObjectClass is slap_mods_opattrs. Calls to this are conditionalised 
>on the backend having lastmod enabled, which I believe to be a bug.

Yes, fixed in HEAD.

>However, the fix for this bug depends on whether it is valid to change the 
>structuralObjectClass of an object via a modify.

structuralObjectClass is defined as NO-USER-MODIFICATION.

>That is, if I have two items 
>with the same schema, can I change their structuralObjectClass purely by 
>running a modify operation on the objectClass?


>If not, is there any 
>reason why it has to live in slap_mods_opattrs, and can't live in do_add() 

Because I rather manage related operational attributes in one place.