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structuralObjectClass and slap_mods_opattrs

At present, the only section of code which seems to create the 
structuralObjectClass is slap_mods_opattrs. Calls to this are conditionalised 
on the backend having lastmod enabled, which I believe to be a bug.

However, the fix for this bug depends on whether it is valid to change the 
structuralObjectClass of an object via a modify. That is, if I have two items 
with the same schema, can I change their structuralObjectClass purely by 
running a modify operation on the objectClass?

If so, the fact that structuralObjectClass is only altered on an add will 
cause problems, and the code needs to be generalised. If not, is there any 
reason why it has to live in slap_mods_opattrs, and can't live in do_add() 

I'm happy to do the work on this, if someone can point me in the right 


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