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Re: Making the DN of the Subschema (sub)entry configurable

At 03:26 AM 2002-06-14, Hans Aschauer wrote:
>I have a question regarding the "Distinguished Name of the subschema 
>entry (or subentry) which controls the schema for [a] entry" (RFC2551). 
>In the openldap slapd, this DN is always "cn=Subschema". I would like 
>to know if you think that it would be a good idea to allow 
>administrators to set this DN in some config file (I mean, other than 
>ldap_defaults.h ;-). 
>The reason why I would like to see such a feature is the following. 
>Assume that I have a DIT, the branches of which are hosted on different 
>ldap servers. If I was able to set the DN of the subschema entry to 
>something like dn: cn=Subschema,<base-dn for this server> on each of 
>the servers, it would be possible for a client to transparently get the 
>correct schema information for each entry. 

That's already possible.  The client can just fetch the
subschema subentry from the same server would provided
the entry.  Of course, if the application uses the
LDAP sync API with chasing enabled, they've chosen to
give up some information (e.g., such as which server
returned a particular entry).

>Do you think that such a feature would be something desirable,

I think it would be more desirable to extend the API such
that applications could query the API for information about
the source (server) of each entry it is provided by the API.

>or would it conflict with any of the standards?


>I think I could implement it, 
>even though thorough checking of such a patch would be necessary, since 
>I feel myself somewhat C-illiterate.

You are welcomed to submit a patch for consideration.