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Making the DN of the Subschema (sub)entry configurable

Dear OpenLDAP Developers,

I have a question regarding the "Distinguished Name of the subschema 
entry (or subentry) which controls the schema for [a] entry" (RFC2551). 
In the openldap slapd, this DN is always "cn=Subschema". I would like 
to know if you think that it would be a good idea to allow 
administrators to set this DN in some config file (I mean, other than 
ldap_defaults.h ;-). 

The reason why I would like to see such a feature is the following. 
Assume that I have a DIT, the branches of which are hosted on different 
ldap servers. If I was able to set the DN of the subschema entry to 
something like dn: cn=Subschema,<base-dn for this server> on each of 
the servers, it would be possible for a client to transparently get the 
correct schema information for each entry. 

Do you think that such a feature would be something desirable, or would 
it conflict with any of the standards? I think I could implement it, 
even though thorough checking of such a patch would be necessary, since 
I feel myself somewhat C-illiterate.

Thank you for your great and invaluable work,