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Re: size/time limits

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 11:44:32PM +0000, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> >Not at all - if you request a limit of ten entries and you get ten
> >back, the sizelimitExceeded status is the only way to tell that there
> >could be more if you asked for them. The client may well regard this
> >as success, as Luke points out for nssldap.
> I mean: do I have to interpret exceeding the client-side sizeLimit
> the same as exceeding a server-side sizeLimit?  I'm not changing the
> behavior of slapd (not yet, at least :). 

sizelimitExceeded goes back to the original X.500 standards, and as
far as I know there was only ever one version - no distinction about
whose limit was exceeded. In fact it is easy for the client to work
out: if it gets sizelimitExceeded and less results than it asked for
then it hit a server limit; if it gets sizelimitExceeded and exactly
as many results as it asked for then it cannot tell for certain (but
it makes no difference anyway ;-)

Of course, if the client gets more results than it asked for then the
server has got something wrong, whether it sends sizelimitExceeded or not!

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