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Re: NT/LM hash support for OpenLDAP

At 02:58 PM 2002-03-04, Sam Johnston wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>>At 03:43 AM 2002-03-04, Sam Johnston wrote:
>>>Does anyone have a problem with adding the following to schema_prep.c
>>>(courtesy jerry@samba.org, according to the enterprise number)?
>>Yes, these attributes should be administrated by user applications,
>>not slapd.  They should be loaded via a .schema file.
>Don't I need them in schema_prep.c if I intend to act on them in exops?

I argue that that these application-specific attributes should
be administrated by the application which they were defined in
support of.

I note that the Modify Password Extended Operation is intended
to be used update the user's LDAP password.  The operation
is needed as user applications cannot assume that the password
is in userPassword or any LDAP attribute for that matter.  For
example, the operation could be used to update the LDAP user's
password held in the SASL subsystem.