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Is anyone currently actively working on the back-sql libraries? I've recently been working to get openLdap to backend to Sybase. Consequently I've had to do some work on the source code for the odbc "back hack". I've found a few bugs and logistical errors, that I would like to run by some people working on this "back" option before I submit them as patches.


PS. Compleletly off topic, has anyone found a good IDE for doing C++ in linux? I have gotten spoiled with JBuilder and MS Visual C++, and would like a "competative" development and debugging tool to do C under linux, espeically when working with something like openldap that has numerious objects not to mention files. Most of my bigger projects in C have been done in windows under MVC++. Anyway, currently I'm just using good ol' vi. (If you respond to the PS just email me directly, and not the list since it isn't an openLdap issue.)

-- tc Systems Software Engineer MUSC