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Re: ACL Performance (caching on object basis) (ITS#1523)

On Friday, 1. February 2002 20:10, Howard Chu wrote:
> I've looked thru it, there are still some details that could be
> cleaned up. I think this code does too much work if all you want
> is to speed up send_search_entry, and there is a simpler way to
> accomplish that, as Kurt has described in previous posts.

I don't think that Kurt's approach is so much simpler and it handles only 
some (rather common) cases.

> As far as individual details: there is no need to pass ACLCache ** to
> access_allowed, it would be better if it were just ACLCache * and would
> save one indirection and NULL test. The ACLCache itself can be a local
> structure, no need to malloc it. The individual list elements would still
> be malloced and managed as before.

Ok, the idea behind theses ACLCache ** stuff was to have support for the time 
when the ch_malloc stuff goes away. Then it should be fairly easy to destroy 
the whole thing on a failed malloc and set the ACLCache * to a NULL pointer. 
On the other hand this could also be accomplished by a flag...

Stephan Siano

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