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RE: ACL Performance (caching on object basis) (ITS#1523)

At 11:10 AM 2002-02-01, Howard Chu wrote:
>I've looked thru it, there are still some details that could be
>cleaned up. I think this code does too much work if all you want
>is to speed up send_search_entry, and there is a simpler way to
>accomplish that, as Kurt has described in previous posts.

I worked up a patch to demonstrate the approach I'm advocating.

Consider this a prototype, I haven't had time to think
through all the cases nor run much more than test006
against it.

The advantages of this approach are:
        very little change to access_allowed() callers
          (even those who provide a state structure)
        no additional malloc/free calls
        no additional loops

        only addresses common read scenarios,
        some modify scenarios will not be benefit
          (e.g. modify: delete/member/value + add/member/value)