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Re: schema check

At 01:19 AM 2002-01-12, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> This alternative approach may make checking system schema easier.
>But this means each monitor entry should have a special STRUCTURAL
>objectclass; maybe this might be 'subentry' ?

The idea here would be that each monitor entry would have
a specific objectClass appropriate for what it was
representing, e.g.: monitorConnection, monitorListener,
monitorBackend, monitorDatabase, etc..  Each would
STRUCTURAL and SUP monitor and defined in monitor.schema.

This facilitates system schema checks as all would be
subclasses of monitor.

You should NOT use subentry here.  Subentries are very special
administrative entries.  See draft-zeilenga-ldap-subentry-xx.txt
and X.501.

Also, don't use LDAPsubentry.  This has been withdrawn
from IETF consideration.