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Re: Syntax functions in client library?

I assume you are describing the schema parsing functions
from ldap_schema.h?

If that is the case the problem I see is that the client has
no idea what server the schema is being parsed for.  There
could be multiple connections, each server having perhaps
a slightly different schema.  Which one should be used
for enforcement?  


> >>> Pierangelo Masarati <masarati@aero.polimi.it> 10-Jan-02 2:52:47
PM >>>
> I'd like to see part of the syntax checking that's usually done
> in slapd in the client library to make it available to "smart"
> together with schema stuff that's already there.  This might be
> used together with schema collected and parsed from the target
> subschema subentry, to enforce strict syntax compliance BEFORE write

> operations are attempted, to minimize the occurrence of syntax
> failures.  I can work on this as a starting point for a project I'm
> working at for my employer.  Comments?
> Pierangelo.