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RE: partial replication of entries/attributes


I did not follow the complete thread so not sure I understand the issue...

what I understand is, lets say there is a tree ou=xxxx, o=yyyy

now I want to replicate entries under this tree to different servers based on some attribute( or multiple of them) A.
so if attribute A
= a --> replicate to server 1
= b ---> replicate to server 2

Is this correct?
Is it possible to do this using openldap?

one more question on this.... lets say I have a client which needs to access entries with A = "a" most of the time but also needs to access rest of the entries once in a while. Is there any way a ldap client can use above mentioned server setup so that all the entries with A = "a" are accessed from "server 1" but rest of entries are retrieved from the main server which has whole tree under "ou=xxxx,....".


At 01:55 PM 1/10/02 -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
Seems like it should not be much trouble. Especially given how flexible
ad_inlist is with attributes/objectclasses.

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> On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> : > In LDAP/X.500, modifications are atomic, all-or-nothing. If any
> part of an
> : > update fails the entire update must fail. The place to limit
> things is on the
> : > master, when it generates the replog.
> :
> : I definitely meant using some sort of ACLs when generating the replog
> : data, a sort of extension/generalization of the current code that
> : partially replicates a subtree.  One could think of generating only
> : partial changes based on some rule; ACLs may be one flexible way to
> : write those rules.
> If you mean like the "filter replicas" some vendors offer, I think
> this would be just dandy.
> Randall